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Inbe no Hironari
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Court functionary of the early Heian period. Apart from being listed in the Nihon kōki as having been conferred the Lower Junior Fifth court rank on the seventeenth day of the eleventh month of 808, he is absent from the written record. He changed his family name to a variant on the characters used by the Inbe (忌部) clan in the year 803. The Inbe, along with the Nakatomi clan, were traditionally responsible for overseeing religious festivals of the Imperial Court. However, with the backing of their clansmen the politically powerful Fujiwara, the Nakatomi steadily grew in stature, while the Inbe fell out of favor. This dispute reached its peak around 806, after which the Imperial Court adjudicated the dispute, assigning them equal responsibilities for magico-religious invocations (kitō) and acting as offering-presenters during extraordinary (not regularly scheduled) rites (rinjisai).
Hironari authored the Kogo shūi (Gleanings from Ancient Words) after reaching the age of eighty, taking umbrage with the Nihon shoki and its account focused on the Nakatomi clan transmission, and instead emphasizing the standpoint of the Inbe. See also Kogo shūi.

- Kadoya Atsushi

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