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Izumoji Nobunao
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Practitioner of Suika Shintō in the mid-Edo period, and priest at the Kyoto shrine Shimo Goryōsha. Izumoji's lineage name at birth was Inbe, but he also went by the family names Itagaki and Harubara, and later changed it to Izumoji. His common name was Minbu, and he was given the Shinto kami name Yashiojiō. Izumoji was born on the second day of the third month of 1650 to Itagaki Gensen a priest at Shimo Goryōsha. Since his father had received Shinto initiation from Yamazaki Ansai (1618-82), Izumoji also became Yamazaki's disciple in the study of Suika Shintō. Upon Yamazaki's death, his disciples Izumoji, Ōgimachi Kinmichi (1653-1733) and Nashinoki Sukeyuki (1659-1723) inherited the mantle of succession and devoted themselves to the development and prosperity of the Suika Shintō tradition. One of Izumoji's well-known disciples was Tamaki Masahide (1670-1746).
In 1684 Izumoji was appointed priest (kannushi) at the shrine Shimo Goryōsha. He was conferred the lower fifth court rank, and later promoted to the upper fifth court rank. He died on the twentieth day of the third month of 1703 at the age of fifty-four. Works authored by Izumoji include Hinowakamiyaden narabi ni shōshi noden and it is believed that he also wrote Ōmi no kuni Kurimotogun Takebe Daimyōijinengi and Jindai hiki, among other works. Izumoji's twenty-volume diary Izumoji Nobunao nikki, with entries from the first day of the twelfth month of 1681 to the thirteenth day of the first month of the year of his death is presently stored at Shimo Goryōsha. This invaluable document serves both as Nobunao's biography and as a chronicle of the actual state of Suika Shintō during his life.

- Itō Satoshi

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