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カテゴリー2: Ritual Implements and Vestments
One type of headdress worn by Shinto priests (shinshoku) during ritual ceremonies. Originally a headdress worn to indicate a man who had celebrated his "coming of age" ceremony (genpuku), the eboshi took on various forms, including versions that were heavily lacquered and other formalizations from the late Heian period on. In the early modern period, it was rarely worn outside of ritual occasions. Shinto vestments include three types, "formal vestments" (seisō), "ritual vestments" (reisō), and "ordinary vestments" (jōsō); of these, the eboshi is worn by male priests as part of the class of "ordinary vestments" which includes the robes called kariginu and jōe. (See Seisō, reisō , jōsō.).
— Inoue Nobutaka

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An eboshi hat worn by Shintō priests.
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