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Shiroki, Kuroki
Literally, "white rice wine" and "black rice wine." Types of sacred wine (omiki) used in Shinto offerings (shinsen). Ki is an ancient term for rice wine (sake). According to the section of the Engishiki onthe palace brewmaster (mikizukasa), shiroki is a "light wine" made by filtering fermented rice harvested from shrine fields (shinden), while kuroki is a "dark wine" made when the ashes of a plant called kusagi are added to shiroki, thus producing a rice wine with grayish color. Shiroki and kuroki have been used since ancient times in the Niinamesai and Daijōsai festivals held at the palace and were consumed by the emperor himself. They were also offered at the festival of Kannamesai at the Grand Shrines of Ise. Shiroki and kuroki were originally contrasted with seishu, or refined sake, but seishu later came to be paired with nigorizake (unrefined sake). These two are sometimes used as substitutes for shiroki and kuroki.
— Suzuki Kentarō

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