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Myōjin taisha
A shrine dedicated to a "eminent kami" (myōjin) noted for its remarkable powers. All such shrines were considered "great shrines" (taisha) under the ancient system of shrine rankings (shakaku). In the Kyoto-Osaka region, such shrines are particularly numerous in the provinces of Yamashiro and Yamato, but they are also frequently found in the provinces of Ōmi, Mutsu, Tajima, and Kii. Myōjin taisha are listed in the Jinmyōchō found in books 9 and 10 of Engishiki. Among the shikinaisha (shrines listed in the Register of Deities), 310 kami at 224 shrines are listed as myōjin taisha. On the other hand, in the section on special festivals in book 3 of Engishiki, there are myōjinsai or "festivals for famed deities"for 285 kami at 203 shrines. While most of the shrines in these two listings overlap, 21 shrines in the Engishiki count are not on the myōjinsai list. Further, even in the case of those noted on both lists, partial differences are seen in the names of the shrines. A number of theories have been suggested to explain the difference in numbers of locations (shrines) and enshrined kami. One theory states that although the number of shrines listed among myōjin taisha gradually increased, the listings for "special festivals" did not accurately reflect the increase. Another theory suggests that the jinmyōcho and special festivals handled separately according to different standards. See also myōjin.
— Inoue Nobutaka

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