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Tensha Tsuchimikado Shintō Honchō
A religious movement drawing its inspiration from Tsuchimikado Shintō (Tensha Shintō) which was established in the early modern period by the Tsuchimikado family (descendants of the Heian period Yin-Yang ritualist Abe no Seimei). Dissolved in 1870, Tsuchimikado Shintō was revived in the form of this organization in 1953 as a religious corporation registered under the Religious Corporations Law (Shūkyō Hōjinhō). Tsuchimikado Noritada was its first leader, while the current head is Fujita Yoshio. Its main focus of worship is Taizan Fukun, the main deity of the Chinese mountain Taishan. Taishan Fukun, however, is also considered to be the same as the Japanese kami Amenominakanushi, and a creator deity with jurisdiction over all other deities (tenjin jingi). The kami is also said to control the vicissitudes of human life and determine changes in the individual's lifespan. The group carries out religious activities centered on thaumaturgic invocatory rituals. See also Tsuchimikado Shintō.
Headquarters: Fukui Prefecture
Nominal membership: approximately 50,000 (M)

—Inoue Nobutaka

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