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Shūkyō Hōjin Shikō Gakuen
A new religious movement strongly influenced by Shinto. Founded by Kawakami Seizan (1908-51), who was born in Tokunoshima in the Ōshima district of Kagoshima Prefecture. Kawakami became a police chief in Hyogo Prefecture, but resigned due to ill-health. During World War II, Kawakami removed to the city of Himeji to avoid bombings, and there he experienced a divine vision on the last day of the war. According to the vision, he heard a voice saying to him: "The world is falling into disaster; restore it to its original state." The next year, first Kawakami's elder sister-in-law, and then his second son Teruhiko (1936-) also experienced divine possessions. The deity that descended into them went by the name Imube no noro no mikoto and indicated that it was responsible for mediating between the human and divine realms. Thereafter, Kawakami began performing austerities together with his two sons Shōjirō (1934-1983) and Teruhiko.
After Kawakami died in 1951, his son Shōjirō succeeded him in the movement and became its second spiritual leader. In 1952, the movement was granted legal recognition by the Hyogo Prefectural government as an independent religious corporation under the name Shikō Gakuen Kentaikyō. In 1965, it completed construction of a religious training center.
In 1983, Shōjirō died, and his younger brother Teruhiko succeeded him as the movement's leader. By this time, Teruhiko had led a colorful life in which he had, among other things, spent some time in Hawaii, where he worked for a local Japanese newspaper before returning to Japan to engage in political activities and to stand for election as a candidate to the House of Representatives. After becoming the group's leader, he devoted his energies to religious activities, holding popular lecture meetings throughout the country and striving to broaden the movement's teaching activities.
Among Teruhiko's unique activities were the development of a form of mind and body healing known as Shikōjutsu (lit., "technique of purple light") and the holding of self-cultivation meetings at the movement's headquarters. In addition, he has established a secondary school with a unique educational curriculum for people who, for various reasons, have been prevented from acquiring a formal education. From the latter part of the 1980s, the movement's activities have grown and it is now active throughout Japan. Its main focus of worship is called the deity Mioya ōkami.
Headquarters: Hyōgo Prefecture
Nominal membership: approximately 15,000 (S)
—Inoue Nobutaka

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Footage of the headquarters of Shikō Gakuen and the main altar inside the building.
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Inoue Nobutaka

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