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Shin Nihon Shūkyō Dantai Rengōkai
Text (Abr. Shinshūren)
Federation of New Religious Organizations of Japan, a legally incorporated organization founded by and for new Japanese religious movements. Established in 1951 with a membership of twenty-four groups, the Shinshūren includes new religions derived from both Shinto and Buddhist traditions. Following its initial establishment, however, most of the initial member groups left the federation, while many other new movements have subsequently joined it, resulting in its current membership of about seventy organizations.
The Federation's activities are summed up in its four slogans, namely religious cooperation, freedom of belief, separation of religion and state, and religious faith for all the Japanese people. Toward the fulfillment of such aims, it carries out numerous activities and seeks to promote mutual friendship among its affiliated groups.
In 1961 the Federation established a Youth Federation (Seinen Renmei, otherwise known as the Shinshūren Seinenkai, Federation of New Religions Youth Group), through which it has intensified its regional activities. It has also acted to sponsor international cooperation with other religions. Its first Superintendent was Miki Tokuchika, leader of PL Kyōdan. In 1965, Niwano Nikkyō, head of Risshō Kōseikai, took office as its second Superintendent, and in October 1992, Tazawa Yasusaburō, leader of Shōroku Shintō Yamatoyama, became the third person to become its Superintendent. The Federation currently includes the following Shinto-derived movements: Ijun, Ennōkyō, Kannagarakyō, Shōroku Shintō Yamatoyama, Shindō Tenkōkyo, Shinri Jikkō no Oshie, Sūkyō Mahikari, Sekai Shindōkyō, Zenrinkyō, Soshindō Kyōdan, Taiwa Kyōdan, Tamamitsu Jinja, Nihon Jingū Honchō, Miroku Shinkyō, and Reiha no Hikari Kyōkai.

— Inoue Nobutaka

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