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Makoto no Michi
A Shinto-derived new religious movement started by Ogiwara Makoto (1910-81). Having experienced paranormal powers since before World War II, Ogiwara began participating as a psychic in a spiritualist research group in 1947. In time, Ogiwara and medical doctor Shioya Nobuo (1902-) together founded a spiritual cultivation society called Chidorikai in response to the divine will revealed through Ogiwara.
Members gather at séances and engage in religious practice, aiming for a way of life as children of the kami and the realization of unity between the human and divine. In 1981 Ogiwara died, and his second son, Ogiwara Shinmei, who was already the deputy spiritual teacher in the movement and who had inherited his father's spiritual powers, followed in his footsteps as leader. The movement actively undertakes séances and rites of spirit possession, as well as performing other religious practice.
Headquarters: Tokyo
Nominal membership: approximately 10,000 (M)
— Yumiyama Tatsuya

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The Headquarters of Makoto no Michi.
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