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Ōyamanezu no Mikoto Shinji Kyōkai
A Shinto-derived new religion founded by Inai Sadao (1906-88). Inai, who operated a public bathhouse in Yokohama, was diagnosed as having cancer of the throat and suffering great pain he sought, unsuccessfully, to have the cancer cured through magical healing rites performed by a religious adept. Then, one evening in December, 1946, the deity Ōyamanezu no mikoto appeared and miraculously cured him. Thereafter he single-mindedly recited the name of Ōyamanezu no mikoto day and night. In September, 1948 the deity appeared and informed him that he would be granted "divine power as messenger of Ōyamanezu no mikoto," and five years later, Inai established a church in August, 1953. Through divine revelation he changed his name from Sadao to Tomomarusai, while his wife Masako became Tomomarujō. In June 1967 Inai was declared president (kaichō) and Masako Vice-President of the group.
   The movement attracted many followers who sought the power to perform magical healings of mind and body through the divine power of Ōyamanezu no mikoto; by 1971 the membership had exceeded 20,000 and the group moved to systematize its organization and establish standards for the appointment of senior leaders. In April, 1977, it abolished its branch group system.
   In January, 1979, Mori Hideko (Inai's adopted daughter) was appointed deputy divine messenger with the name Tomomaruhime. In September, 1985, Hideko was declared the divine messenger, and Tomomarusai's successor. In 1988 Tomomarusai (Sadao) died. Divine revelations received periodically by the group's leader are treated as scriptures. Since the 1970s, the group has achieved remarkable numerical growth, especially among young people.
Headquarters: Kanagawa Prefecture.
Nominal membership: approximately 840,000.
- Isooka Tetsuya

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The headquarters of Ōyamanezu no Mikoto Shinji Kyōkai which are located in the center of Yokohama along with other facilities related to the group which are in the same vicinity.
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