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Ōmiwakyō (Kojima)
A Shinto-derived new religion founded by Kojima Moriyoshi. It originated in 1872 within the "local academy" (shōkyōin; a small teaching center established by the government for the purpose of promulgating the "Great Teaching"; see Taikyō Senpu) at Ōmiwa Shrine in Nara Prefecture and in 1881 became the Ōmiwa Kyōkai. Operating somewhat in the capacity of a confraternity attached to Ōmiwa Shrine, it supported the shrine in its activities. However, in 1883, official shrine priests (shinkan) were no longer permitted to simultaneously hold the position of kyōdōshoku ("state religious instructors"), and hence Kojima and the group left Ōmiwa Shrine and began to operate independently. In 1885 the movement became affiliated with the Shintō Jimukyoku (a Shinto administrative organization, later known as Shintō Honkyoku). In 1952 it merged together a number of small churches and confraternities to form the legally independent religious organization, Ōmiwakyō.
Headquarters:Nara Prefecture.
Nominal membership: approximately 11,000.

- Inoue Nobutaka

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