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Shinsen kisōki
This is a four volume work dealing with the origins and development of plastromancy (kiboku) in Japan. It is said to be the work of the Urabe family, and Urabe Tōtsugu seems to have presented it to Emperor Junna in the eighth month of 830. It is a noteworthy work as it contains quotes from Kojiki with very old commentary in the sections dealing with the origins of divination, and it contains very old forms of norito related to the development of divination practices. An old Ōgimachi family manuscript, dated 1620, and copied by the hand of Bonshun of Jinryūin, is in the possession of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Tokyo. This text is contained in Akimoto Yoshinori's Shinsen kisōki no kenkyū: honkoku no bu (Issue 26 of Seisen Joshi Daigaku kiyō, 1978).
— Suzuki Kentarō

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