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  • 6. Belief and Practice
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  • Shrines and Cultic Practices
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1 Suwa Shinkō The faith related to Suwa Jinja which spread throughout Japan, but centers on the shrines of Suwa Taisha, which straddle Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. Suwa shrines are home to cults devoted to the kami of wind-and-water ( fūsuishin ), the kami of battle ( gunshin ), the kami of blacks...
2 Tenjin Shinkō The worship of Sugawara Michizane (845-903) as Tenma Tenjin . The use of the term " tenjin " however, predates the ninth century. In ancient China the expression "heavenly deities and earthly deities" ( Tenjin chigi " 天神地祇) existed and subsequently in Ja...
3 §Shamei Bunpu (Shrine Names and Distributions) Certain shrines are worshipped throughout the country while others are distributed exclusively in certain regions. Okada Yoneo's 1976 quantitative analysis of well-known shrines and their bunsha (emanation or branch shrines) in Zenkoku chomei jinja annaiki clearly indi...