Basic Terms of Shinto 神道基本用語集

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Text The Department of Divinities, an ancient government office in charge of Shinto worship. The Taihô codes, established in 701, stipulated that the Dajôkan, in charge of political affairs and local administration, be the highest government office, and that the Jingikan be on a level equal with it. The Dajôkan was established in imitation of the government system of T`ang China, but to give the Jingikan the same rank was a unique Japanese development. The Jingikan was responsible for all matters related to the worship of the gods.

In 1868, the first year of Meiji, the Jingikan was reestablished in accordance with the prevailing ideal of saisei itchi (the union of worship and rule); in August of 1871 it became the Jingishô; later, in March of 1872, it became the Kyôbushô (Ministry of Religious Education). It finally ended as an entity quite removed from its original intent.