Basic Terms of Shinto 神道基本用語集

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Text Shinto shrine, a building and grounds enshrining the spirit of a deity or deities. There are about 80,000 shrines throughout Japan. In response to historical conditions, shrines have assumed various forms and sizes. Many are located in pure natural surroundings of great beauty and generally include the following elements:

-Honden (inner sanctuary or main shrine where the spirit of the deity is enshrined)
-Haiden (oratory or hall of worship where visitors worship and offer prayers)
-Norito-den (hall of litany where religious ceremonies are perfomed)
-Heiden (hall of offerings)
-Kagura-den (stage for performance of kagura, Shinto ceremonial dance)
-Shamusho (shrine office)
-Torii (arch)
-Temizuya (place for performing ablutions, see also temizu, misogi)

Shinto priests (shinshoku) officiate at shrine ceremonies. Committees of priests, ujiko (parishioners), and ujiko sôdai (parishioner representatives) manage the shrines. Upkeep is based on offerings from the ujiko and worshipers.