Basic Terms of Shinto 神道基本用語集

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Shikinen sengû
Text Transfer of a deity to a new shrine building once in a prescribed number of years. Most scholars believe that shrine facilities were originally rebuilt annually, at which time ceremonies were performed to renew the power of the enshrined deity. When permanent shrine buildings came to be erected, however, the transfer to a new building came to be carried out only once in a prescribed number of years. At Ise no Jingû, this transfer is performed once every twenty years. In 1973, it was celebrated for the 60th time. The Kasuga Taisha in Nara is rebuilt every thirty years; the Kamo Mioya Jinja in Kyoto is rebuilt every fifty years; and the Nukisaki Jinja in Gumma Prefecture is rebuilt every thirteen years. See also sengû.