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Jinja kakuroku
Text (Suzuka Tsuratane)
This is a work that includes investigative research into the shrines listed in Engishiki(shikinaisha) in addition to well-known shrines not on the list. It is the work of Suzuka Tsuratane in seventy-five volumes, completed in 1870. It was published in 1902 (in two volumes, by Kōtenkō Kenkyūjo). The Suzuka family members were hereditary chief retainers to the Yoshida family, and had charge over miscellaneous responsibilities in governing the Yoshida Shrine, and were also in charge of actual negotiations with other shrines and the officiating families throughout the country. With these achievements as a background, in 1836 Tsuratane desired to conduct extensive research and investigation into the shrines on Engishiki list as well as other well-known shrines, and this desire bore fruit after thirty years of hard work. The first volume contains an outline of Jinmyōchō (see shikinaisha), and volume two lists the deities worshipped at the imperial palace. Volume three investigates the various records in historical documents of the shrines of a specific province, with each volume divided according to province, outlining the deities worshipped (saijin), their origins, the families attached to the shrine, the shrine finances, and the festivals. He also investigated into the historical circumstances of each shrine compared with its current condition, and gave a list of all the deities worshipped through the country. Because this work gives an extensive overview of the condition of shrines at the end of the bakufu government (mid-eighteenth century), it is not only a work of research into the ancient shrines, but also valuable material for the research of shrines during the Edo period.
— Mori Mizue

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