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Text (Tani Shigetō)
This is a collection of Chinese poetry in forty-nine volumes written by Tani Jinzan (Shigetoo), a mid-Edo period follower of Suika Shintō; it was compiled by his son, Kakimori, and completed in 1728. The work is divided into eleven sections: poetry, writings, miscellany, prefaces, topics and extracts, diaries, records, celebratory words, epitaphs, liturgies (norito), ritual words (saimon), and genealogy. This work provides some of the basic material to gives scholars a window into thinking of Jinzan. There are fragments of a handwritten manuscript of this work in Jinzan yuikō, in the Yamauchi archives of the Kōchi Prefectural library. Included in Jinzanshū (Tani Tateki, ed. 1880).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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