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Text (Kawamura Hidene)
This work is a commentary on Nihon shoki [see Kojiki and Nihon shoki (Nihongi) ] in thirty volumes, compiled by Kawamura Hidene, an official of the Owari domain and also a student of kokugaku, and his son, Masune. It is written in classical Chinese with interlinear readings of the characters. This work avoids the mystical interpretations of Shoki that had been prevalent since the medieval period, and in imitation of the work of their teacher, Yoshimi Yoshikazu, they collated texts of Nihon shoki in a rational and textually sensitive way, and put all their efforts into elucidating all source material for Shoki. The printed text has an introduction of by Hidene and Masune dated 1785, but it is believed that the printing of the entire manuscript was not finished until 1804. Nihon in the title Nihon shoki was believed to have not been in the original title, so they adopted Shoki as the official title. Shoki shūge is published in four volumes by Rinsen Shoten, 1969.
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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