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Text (Tsurumine Shigenobu)
The True Pillar of Heaven. The representative work of Tsurumine Shigenobu, a Shintō intellectual who espoused the notion of "investigating principles" (J.=kyūri, Ch.=jiuli; 究理). Completed in 1818; published in 1821. From the position of investigating principles, this work "examines fully the theories of astronomers within the four seas and seeks out the true meanings transmitted from the Divine Age" (Preface). The work moreover depicts an interpretation of the cosmology in the myths of Kojiki and Nihon shoki, while at the same time taking into account the achievements of western astronomy. An abridged version of this work is included in Fujiwara Noboru's Tsurumine Shigenobu no kisoteki kenkyū (Ōfūsha, 1973).
— Takeda Hideaki

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