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Report on the Shrines of Aizu. One fascicle (kan). A shrine report compiled by Hattori Ankyū (1619-81) an official of the Aizu domain, at the command of the feudal lord (daimyo ) Hoshina Masayuki (1611-73). Completed in the tenth lunar month of 1672, Aizujinjashi is a compilation of two hundred sixty-eight shrines of traceable lineage within the four counties under Aizu control. Masayuki was a devout follower of Shinto, and this report laid the groundwork for the destruction of heterodox shrines (inshi) and the reorganization and incorporation of smaller shrines. The restoration of a large number of shrines also occurred as a result. In addition to Ankyū, such figures as Yamazaki Ansai, Hayashi Gahō, his son Hōkō, and Yoshikawa Koretari are mentioned in the foreword and appendix as having made contributions. Included in Jingi zensho, vol. 4 (Kōten Kōkyūjo, 1908).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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