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A term that expresses such things as the world of spirits, the afterworld, or the otherworld. The term is often used in contrast to the physical world or the world of reality. Since it has been used by some of the new religions, the term has entered common usage. Older terms for this otherworld include Takama no hara, Ne no kuni, and Yomotsukuni. Within Fukko Shintō (Restoration Shinto), the otherworld began to be expressed through such terms as shinkai (the world of the kami), senkai (the world of hermits and ascetics), yōkikai (the demon world), and yūkai (the unseen world). New Religions such as the Buddhist-derived Reiyūkai and Shinto-derived Ōmoto use the all-inclusive term reikai to refer to this otherworld. Both Reiyūkai and Ōmoto produced many splinter groups, and Ōmoto-lineage groups in particular (such as Sekai Kyūseikyō, Seichō no Ie, Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyōdan, and Shūkyō Hōjin Byakkō Shinkōkai) often make use of other terms that relate to reikai in their teachings. In addition, the word reikai has spread into general usage in recent years.
— Tsushiro Hirofumi

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