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Shinto taii
Text (Yoshida Kanemi)
This is another one-volume work of the Yoshida Shintō collection. With each new generation in the Yoshida family, the family head would compile a work with this title, and this text belongs to this group. The author is Yoshida Kanemi (1535-1610), who is a great grandson of Yoshida Kanetomo. Like the work of Kanetomo, Kanemi's work is an outline of Yoshida Shintō, but the period of compilation is unclear. There are two lineages which have passed on this manuscript. One is called Shintō taii, and the other is called Shintō taii no koto, contained in Shintō taiyō. There are some differences between these two in contents and style. It is contained in Shintō taikei, and also Yoshida sōsho, Part One (Naigai Shoseki, 1940).
— Itō Satoshi

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