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This one volume work was written Kitabatake Chikafusa during the Nanbokuchō period (1336-1392). The text, originally entitled Shoshaji, is a history that focuses on the shrines which held in their possession offerings made by the imperial court to the "Twenty-Two Shrines" (nijūnisha). The work's current title is derived from its description of the group of twenty-one shrines that includes the Grand Shrines of Ise, Iwashimizu, Kamo, Matsunoo, Hirano, Inari, Kasuga, Ōmiwa, Ōyamato, Isonokami, Hirose, Tatsuta, Ōharano, Yoshida, Sumiyoshi, Hie, Hirota, Umenomiya, Gion, Kitano, and Niu Shrines, with the addition of Kifune (known today as Kibune) Shrine. Furthermore, the text includes descriptions of Kumano, Izumo, and Atsuta Shrines, among others, as well as the Eight Cardinal Kami (miyachū hasshindono). As for the text's explanations of Shinto, one can see the influence of Ise Shintō. Nijūisshaki is included in Shintō taikei, Ronsetsu-hen, Kitabatake Chikafusa, volume 1. See also nijūnisha.
— Shirayama Yoshitarō

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