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Text (Tachibana Mitsuyoshi)
This three volume commentary on Nakatomi-no-harae was written by the early Edo period Kitsuke Shintō storyteller, Tachibana Mitsuyoshi, and first published in 1662. The work is a compilation of various theories and the text itself is comprised of references drawn from Kitsuchōten, Ryōjinhishō, and Nihon shoki sanso, among other works. Because Mitsuyoshi was originally an adherent of Yoshida Shinto, the theoretical foundation of Mitsuyoshi's commentary reflects those teachings as the entire text relies heavily on the information found in previous Yoshida Shintō commentaries. However, Mitsuyoshi did also present many of his own opinions and openly criticized the teachings of Yoshida Shintō. Mitsuyoshi made pilgrimages to the Ichinomiya (most prominent shrine) of many domains, and it is said that he offered a wood-block print of Nakatomi-no-harae at each shrine he visited. It is clear from behavior such as this, that Mitsuyoshi considered Nakatomi-no-harae to be an extremely important. Nakatomi-no-harae shūsetsu is included in Ōharaekotoba chūshaku taisei, Volume 2 (1935, Naigai Shoseki; republished 1977, Meicho Shoppan).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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