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Text (Matsuki Tomohiko
This is a collection of liturgical scripts for the ceremonies of the outer shrine (Gekū) of the Grand Shrines of Ise during the early Edo period in seven volumes. This work was initiated between 1661-1673 by Watarai Nobusada under orders from Watarai Matahiko, the top official of the outer shrine. A number of editors where involved in the production of this text but it was finally finished, after more than 60 years, by Matsuki Tomohiko in 1730. The saikanshiki and sankinshiki, established in 1668, the customs from January to December, supplements, writing methods, illustrations (ceremonial gardens, ritual implements, and banquet items), and offerings (shiken) are listed. The reports are based on manuscripts of annual events, references to the Koki, and advice from elders and concerned persons. It became the standard for the ceremonies performed at the outer shrine of Ise. It is included in Jingi Zensho (The Complete Works of Jingi), vol. 3 (1907, Kōtenkōkyūsho), and Daijingū sōsho, Jingū Nenchūgyōji Taisei, second volume (1965, Jingūshichō).
— Mure Hitoshi

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