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Text (Deguchi Nobutsune
A work by Deguchi Nobutsune in eight volumes, in which he researched the register of deities (jinmyōchō, see shikinaisha) contained in Engishiki. Nobutsune studied under his father, Nobuyoshi, and continued his father's scholastic style of research into texts. Nobutsune continued his research for over thirty years into the names of the kami worshipped at the various shrines listed in the Engishiki, along with the locations of these shrines. He died at the age of eighty years old in 1714. The work only survived as a handwritten draft, but Kuwahara Hiroo and Hiroyo (father and son, and attendants at the Outer Shrine of Ise) undertook his project, and they finished the manuscript in 1733. Ban Nobutomo, who hand copied the manuscript, has also composed a work by the same title. Deguchi's work is contained in the first section of Jingi zensho (Kōtenkō Kenkyūjo, 1906).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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