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Deguchi Nobutsune
Text (1657-1714)
A priest of the Outer Shrine (Gekū) of the Grand Shrines of Ise (Ise Jingū) in the mid-Edo period, with the priestly rank of gon-negi (Provisional Suppliant). His original lineage name was Watarai, he had the common names Gondayū and Tatewaki, and used the epistolary name Kōkodō.
Deguchi was the second son of Deguchi Nobuyoshi, but he inherited the family position due to the early death of his elder brother. He studied ancient texts with his father from a young age, and was lauded for his philological accuracy. His studies even caught the attention of Yoshimi Yoshikazu, author of Gobusho setsuben (Refuting the Theories of the Five Books). Deguchi completed a work on the ritual procedures of the vicennial Regular Removal (shikinen sengū) of the two Grand Shrines of Ise that had been begun by his father. This work, entitled Ise nisho kōtaijingū sengū shidaiki (Procedures for the Ritual Removal of the Two Grand Imperial Shrines of Ise), was printed in 1696 and demonstrated his erudition to the world.
In Benbokushō (Refuting the Urabe), Deguchi argued against the new-won authority of the Yoshida clan of Shintoists, pointing out that their doctrines were based on fabricated historical evidence. In this, he was following the lead of his father, who had authored Shinteki Yoshida Kanetomo bōkeiki (A Record of the Machinations of Yoshida Kanetomo, Enemy of the Kami). Yoshimi Yukikazu later elaborated on Nobutsune's work in his Zōho benbokushō zokukai (Extended, Plain Explanation of Refuting the Urabe).
Well known among Deguchi's students are Matsuki Tomohiko, Mano Tokitsuna, and Tani Shigetō. Deguchi died at the age of fifty-eight, on the twenty-first day of the eighth month, 1714. In addition to the works noted above, he also authored Jinmychō kōshō (A Study of the List of Kami in the Engi Shiki), Saikū burui (Assorted Sources on the Consecrated Princess of Ise), and Daijingū densha kōshō (A Study of the Buildings of the GrandShrines of Ise).

- Yazaki Hiroyuki

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