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Shintō denju
Text (Hayashi Razan)
This is also known as Shintō denju shō. This is a work by the Confucian scholar of the early Edo period, Hayashi Razan, which expounds the secret doctrines of Shinto. It contains a wide variety of doctrine from the various groups of Shinto, based mostly on Yoshida Shintō, but including Ise, Sannō, and Ryōbu Shintō. According to the colophon, Hayashi Razan compiled this work between the years of 1644 and 1648 in response to a request by Sakai Tadakatsu, feudal lord of Wakasa Province. The work consists of eighty-nine sections. Of these, in Section 18, "The Deep Meaning of Shinto," he mentions ritō shinchi shintō (the common points of Shinto and Confucianism) but in only a brief and simple manner. The sections of this work also contain evidence that secret teachings were passed on by some in the Hayashi family, as the manuscript contains thin paper inserts (kirigami ). This work is found in "Kinsei Shintōron / Zenki kokugaku" in Nihon shisō taikei (Iwanami Shoten, 1972) and "Fujiwara Seika / Hayashi Razan" of Shintō taikei (1988).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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