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Shintō taiikōdan
Text (Yoshikawa Koretari)
It is also known as Shintō taii bunsho. It is a compilation in one volume of the lectures given by Yoshikawa Koretari, recorded by a student of his, Fuwa Koremasu. This work was completed in 1669. The topic of the lectures was Urabe Kanenao's Shintō taii. This work is believed to be a fabrication, put together by Urabe Kanetomo. Koretari placed importance on this work as illustrating the sensibility of Shintō. It is clear that in his lectures he was trying to restructure the thinking of this work, for although his lectures were influenced greatly by the thinking of Yoshida Shintō, they also included Song (Chinese) learning in various places. Koretari has also left us other records of his lectures on Shintō taii, such as Shintō taii shō, Shintō taii (also called Banbutsu kigen), as well as Shintō taii chū, and other commentaries. The work under consideration is also contained in Nihon kyōiku bunko, shūkyō hen (Nihon Dōbunkan Henshūkyoku, 1911), and Volume One of Shintō sōsho (Jingū Kyōin and published simultaneously from Mizuhokai, 1896), and Volume Ten of Shinchū kōgaku sōsho (Kōbunko Kankōkai, 1927).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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