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Jingū Kenshūsho
A training institute for priests (shinshoku yōsei kikan) run by the Grand Shrines of Ise and approved by the Jinja Honchō (Association of Shintō Shrines). The precursor was the regular training course for priests (futsū shinshoku yōsei) founded in 1952, known as the Ise Shinmu Jisshūsei Seido (Ise Practical Course on Administering Sacred Duties). In 1955 it changed its name to Jingū Kōgakukan University and with the appointment of a president, course supervisors, and teaching staff, it became a fully-fledged institute for the training of shrine priests. In 1969, it changed its name once more, this time to Jingū Kenshūsho, and was formally approved as a first-tier training institute by the Jinja Honchō. It subsequently implemented a two-year training course (seikai katei), which it continues to this day. It presently recruits ten students per year who are high school graduates and not more than twenty-five years old.
Address: Mie Prefecture, Ise City, Nakamura Town, Sakuragaoka 56.
— Sakamoto Koremaru

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