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The hidden realm. The antonym of utsushiyo (顕世、現世). The same as Yāmei, Meifu and Yomi, it is the realm where kami and spirits are considered to dwell eternally and pursue their activities. It is a supernatural, supersensory realm not easily discerned from this world, generally understood to be the place where spirits go after death, that is, the Other World. However, from instances of kakuri and kakurigoto present in the myth of the transfer of the land (kuniyuzuri) found in Kojiki and Nihongi, it does not necessarily mean the world after death. As a result of growing interest in kakuriyo, the question was taken up seriously by Hirata Atsutane and his successors, and its considerable influence on the thought of Sect Shintō (Kyōha Shintō) and the various Shintō-based new religious movements can be found even today.
— Fukui Yoshihiko

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