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Utsushiyo refers to this actual world, according to the Shinto worldview (sekaikan). It is the "unconcealed" or "apparent" realm in contrast to the "concealed" realm (kakuriyo). Nakatomi no yorigito (in Engishiki) speaks of "adding the water of heaven to the water of the unconcealed land (utsushikuni)," and the Chronicle of Jomei (in Nihongi) glosses the etymologically similar word yūken (幽顕) as kami mo hito mo ("deities and human beings"). From this, utsushiyo can be considered to denote the world of human beings ruled over by the descendants of the Heavenly Grandchild (see tenson kōrin) as opposed to the world where the deities (tenjin) live. Edo period scholars of National Learning (kokugaku), especially Hirata Atsutane (1776-1843), fully discussed the relationship between the unconcealed and concealed realms.
See Kakuriyo
— Nishioka Kazuhiko

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