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This is one of the ways of referring to a spirit (mitama) by its function or inner workings, placing it in opposition to nigimitama. Aramitama is recognized and understood as the ferocious, rough, or violent manifestation of a spirit (mitama). Although the nigimitama is the normal condition of the spirit, the aramitama appears during times of war or natural disasters. This aramitama changes back to the nature of nigimitama by receiving ritual attention. However, using aramitama to refer to the state wherein the spirits of kami (shinrei) or their power become manifest is thought to have been closer to the original usage. Among shrines, many worship the two aspects of the mitama separately. For example, Sumiyoshi Shrine in Shimonoseki worships the aramitama of the Sumiyoshi kami, while Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka worships its nigimitama.
See nigimitama
— Yonei Teruyoshi

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