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Text [Ugayafukiaezu no mikoto] (Kojiki)
Other names: Hikonagisatake ugayafukiaezu no mikoto(Kojiki)

The son of Hohodemi (Ninigi's son) and Toyotamabime (Watatsumi's daughter); the father of Emperor Jinmu. Ugayafukiaezu's name ("cormorant-rush-thatching-unfinished") is associated with the events of his birth; according to an "alternate writing" related by Nihongi, the name was given by his mother Toyotamabime. As an offspring of the imperial grandchild by a sea goddess, he was born within a parturition hut built beside the seashore. But his mother's labor began before the parturition hut was fully thatched with cormorant feathers, and Toyotamabime was seen in labor by Ninigi. In humiliation, Toyotamabime wrapped the newborn child in grass, and abandoned him by the seashore, where he was found and raised by Toyotamabime's sister Tamayoribime.

According to another "alternate writing" of Nihongi, Toyotamabime could not bring herself to abandon the child, and took him up and returned with him to her palace in the sea. Since she felt it unfit that an offspring of the Heavenly Grandchild be raised within the sea, however, she gave him to her sister Tamayoribime to be taken to the land. Ugayafukiaezu later married his aunt Tamayoribime and fathered the kami Itsuse no mikoto, Inahi no mikoto, Mikenu no mikoto, and Kamuyamatoiwarebiko (Emperor Jinmu).

-Mori Mizue

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