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Text [Toyoukehime no kami] (Kojiki)
The offspring of Wakumusuhi, whom Izanami bore as she lay dying after giving birth to the fire kami, Kagutsuchi. The Kojiki account describes Toyoukehime as one of the kami assigned by Amaterasu to accompany Ninigi upon his descent, together with the mirror (kagami) that served as Amaterasu's spirit-vessel (mitamashiro). Based on her role as tutelary of food, Toyoukehime is identified with various other deities, including Ukemochi, Ōgetsuhime, Ukanomitama, and Toyoukanome. As the kami of foodstuffs who presents food offerings to Amaterasu no ōmikami, Toyoukehime is enshrined at the Outer Shrine (Gekū or Wataraigū) of the Grand Shrines of Ise.

Legend states that in response to an oracle, Toyoukehime moved to Ise from her original location at Manai in Hiji of Tanba Province, a legend possibly related to the fact that a deity called Toyoukanome was enshrined in the Nagu Shrine there. Under the influence of medieval Ryōbu Shinto, Toyoukehime was identified in numerous ways as a counterpart to Amaterasu, including descriptions as moon deity, water deity, Dainichi of the Diamond Realm and Shikidaibon Tennō.

Toyoukehime is the chief object of worship (saijin) at the "Outer Shrine" (Toyouke Daijingū) in Ise.

-Kadoya Atsushi

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