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カテゴリー1: 2. Kami (Deities)
カテゴリー2: Kami in Classic Texts
Text [Shizuri no kami takehazuchi no mikoto](Nihongi)
Other names: Shidori no kami takehazuchi no mikoto (Nihongi)

According to Nihongi, the kami who completed the process of pacifying the "central land of reed plains" by subduing the final rebellious kami, the "star kami" Kakaseo, thus preparing the way for the Descent of the Heavenly Grandchild (tenson kōrin). Since Shizuri is the name of a weaver clan, the Kogo shūi identifies the kami with Amenohatsuchio, distant ancestor of the Shizuri and who, led by Futodama, wove "coarse cloth" (shizu) at the time Amaterasu hid away in the rock cave of heaven. Together with Tanabatatsuhime, Takehazuchi is enshrined as the patron kami of weavers at Shitori Jinja and numerous other shrines.

-Mori Mizue

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