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カテゴリー1: 5. Rites and Festivals
カテゴリー2: Individual Shrine Observances
Hitotsuyama Shinji
Single Mountain Rite. A festival held every twenty years at Iwa Shrine (Iwa jinja) in Ichinomiya Town, Shisō County, Hyōgo Prefecture. The festival is to worship Mt. Miya which is said to be tomb of the enshrined deity (saijin) Ōnamuchi-no-mikoto. Further, every sixty years there is the Three Mountains Rite where the three mountains that surround Iwa Shrine —Mt. Takahata, Mt. Hanasaki and Mt. Shirakura— are worshipped.
One month before the festival, a new mountaintop shrine (hokora) is carried to the summit and a white flag is raised. The three mountains are worshiped from afar and the sacred palanquin (mi-koshi) is transported to the river valley.
The rite at Itatehyōzu Shrine (Itatehyōzu jinja) in Himeji City, Hyōgo Prefecture, is the exact opposite of that at Iwaa Shrine: the Single Mountain Rite is every sixty years and the Three Mountains Rite is every twenty years. Along with this there is a sacred carnival event (kami-nigiwai gyōji) that lasts for a week. A bamboo and cloth mountain about fifteen meters high is constructed and placed before the shrine entrance. On top of this is placed a hokora and atop the shrine gate is placed a small hall . Sacred food offerings (shinsen) and a variety of mochi are offered. It is said that this rite is at the request of the Iwa Deity who had been invited (kanjō) to this area.

— Mogi Sakae

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