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Hashira matsuri
This festival is held on July 17 at Sekiyama Shrine in Myōkō Village, Naka-Kubiki County, Niigata Prefecture. On this day, unlit pine torches known as "pillar pines" (hashira matsu) are put up along the right and left sides of the shrines grounds (keidai) Young people from the upper and lower areas of the village youths from the upper and lower communities compete to light these torches. The following day, youths dressed as mountain ascetics (yamabushi) accompany the portable shrine (mikoshi) through the village.
The Fire Festival (Himatsuri) held on August 15 as the annual observance (reisai) of the Togakushi Shrine in Togakushi Village, Kami-Minochi District, Nagano Prefecture was originally held on July 7 and was also called Hashira matsuri.
— Mogi Sakae

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