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Nōryōsen kōsai
"Processional festival for boats to enjoy the summer evening cool." A rite held August 7 at Takebe Shrine in Ōtsu City, Shiga Prefecture. On August 1, a sakaki offering ceremony (sakakitate shinji) is held at the shrine's hall of worship (haiden). Following this, participants go down to Tachihama along the Seta River and tie long, white cotton streamers to two large sakaki branches. One is erected at the mikoshi (portable shrine, see shin'yo) loading dock; the other is taken by the so-called sakakibune (sakaki boat) to the procession resting point (otabisho) at Kurozuhama, where it is erected and a ceremony then takes place. The nōryō sai ("summer evening cool festival") is held on August 7, the "festival eve rite" (yoimiya sai) is held on August 16, and the "boat procession festival" (senkōsai) is held the 17th. During the nōryōsai on the 7th, sōmen noodles are offered at the altar according to ancient custom.
The kami procession festival (togyōsai, see shinkōsai) held on the 14th and 15th days of the sixth lunar month at Isasumi Shrine in Aizu-Takada Town, Ōnuma District, Fukushima Prefecture, is also called nōryōsai. Bamboo demarcating taboo boundaries (imidake) are erected at the entrances to the approaches to the main shrine and to the otabisho. Mikoshi are transported to the otabisho on the evening of the 14th and summer evening festivities take place; the mikoshi are returned to the main shrine the following day.
— Mogi Sakae

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