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Nusubito matsuri
"Thief's festival." A festival held November 24–25 at Karino Shrine in Kaibara Town, Hikami District, Hyōgo Prefecture. The festival's name is said to derive from the legend that the shrine's enshrined deity (saijin) was a thief chased away by the Ōyama deity. Another legend explains that the festival was so named because it is held in the tenth lunar month (kaminazuki), the month when all the other kami are absent and traveling to Izumo (see also kamiari matsuri).
The festival held May 30 at Tenman Shrine in Takasago City, Hyōgo Prefecture, is also called nusubito matsuri. The shrine's treasures (shinpō) were stolen once long ago, and this festival gives thanks for their having safely returned.
— Mogi Sakae

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