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Text [Nigihayahi no mikoto] (Kojiki)
A kami claimed as ancestor of the Mononobe clan. According to Nihongi, Nigihayayi descended from heaven in the "heavenly rock boat," took for wife Mikashigiyahime (younger sister of Nagasunehiko), and thus fathered Umashimade no mikoto. The account in Kojiki is similar, except that Nigihayahi is described as marrying Tomiyahime, younger sister of Tomibiko, and thus fathering Umashimade.

During emperor Jinmu's eastern expedition, the local leader Nagasunehiko opposed the Yamato leader, since he claimed to follow Nigihayahi, whom he called an offspring of the heavenly kami (amatsukami). Nigihayahi, however, killed Nagasunehiko and submitted to Jinmu. Both Kojiki and Nihongi record that Jinmu likewise recognized Nigihayahi as an offspring of heavenly kami. One theory interprets Nigihayahi as a child of Amenooshihomimi, but he was likely a kami that originally appeared in a different legendary lineage of the Mononobe clan.

-Sugiyama Shigetsugu

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