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Text (Nihongi)
According to an "alternative writing" transmitted by Nihongi, Mihotsuhime was the daughter of Takamimusuhi no mikoto, given in marriage to Ōmononushi (see Ōkuninushi no kami). In the episode known as the "transfer of the land" (kuniyuzuri), Takamimusuhi warned Ōmononushi that if the latter took a wife from among the earthly kami (kunitsukami), Takamimusuhi would consider him to be disaffected. As a result, Takamimusuhi gave his own daughter Mihotsuhime in marriage to Ōkuninushi, charging him to lead the "80 myriad hosts of kami" and forever protect the imperial line.

-Nishioka Kazuhiko

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