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カテゴリー1: 2. Kami (Deities)
カテゴリー2: Kami in Classic Texts
Text (Kojiki)
Other names: Yamada no Sohodo (Kojiki)

A kami incapable of walking but possessing broad knowledge of things in the world. According to Kojiki, a kami arrived from across the ocean at Cape Miho in Izumo, where the kami Ōkuninushi was residing. Since no one knew the identity of the kami, Ōkuninushi accepted the advice of a toad and asked Kuebiko, whereupon the latter answered correctly that the kami arriving was Sukunahikona, offspring of Kamimusuhi. With the identity of Sukunahikona thus established by Kuebiko, Ōkuninushi had a partner to help in making and developing the land. The name Yamada no Sohodo is interpreted to mean "someone left soaking wet from standing guard over mountain rice fields," a euphemistic reference to a "scarecrow." Kue means "disable," and indicates someone physically handicapped but endowed with wisdom.

-Mori Mizue

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