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Text (Kojiki)(Nihongi)
The daughter of Suetsumimi no mikoto and lover of Ōmononushi. According to Kojiki, the attractive Ikutamayoribime had a fine-looking male visitor who came to her each night, yet whose name she did not know. At last Ikutamayoribime became pregnant, and in order to determine her paramour's identity, her parents instructed her to sew a thread to the hem of the man's garment. When they followed the thread the next morning, they found it led to the entrance of the shrine at Mount Miwa, suggesting that the man was the deity Ōmononushi.

A descendant of this union was the man named Ootataneko (or Ōtataneko), who was selected to serve as priest to the deity Ōmononushi during the reign of Emperor Sujin in order to placate the kami's violent apparition.

Further, Nihongi relates a similar story of the wedding of Ōmononushi, noting that the bride was named Yamatototohimomosohime, but providing the same lineage for Ootataneko.

-Mori Mizue

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