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Text [Homudawake no mikoto](Kojiki)(Nihongi)
Other names: Hondawake no mikoto(Kojiki, Nihongi)

Given name of Emperor Ōjin, offspring of Emperor Chūai and his consort Okinagatarashihime. According to Kojiki, Homudawake was an alternate name for Ōtomo Wake no mikoto. It is also said to have been the original name of the central deity (saijin) Kehi ōkami of the shrine Kehi Jingū. An alternate account related by Nihongi in relation to Emperor Ōjin's early life states that as crown prince, Homudawake had exchanged names with the kami Kehi ōkami (Izasawake no kami), with the result that the original name of Kehi ōkami was Somudawake, while the crown prince's was Izasawake.

Motoori Norinaga, however, claimed that this interpretation of events was based on a misunderstanding by the editors of Nihongi. Based on the Kojiki version, Motoori stated that Izasawake no ōkami's desire to change names with the crown prince did not mean that each took the name of the other, but rather merely that the deity wished to be allowed to receive one of the crown prince's names. The crown prince's original names were Ōtomowake no mikoto and Hondawake (or Homudawake) no mikoto, but he later became known as the emperor Honda no sumera mikoto (Emperor Honda), which means that he must have given the name Ōtomowake to the kami. As a result, while Kehi ōkami originally had the name Izasawake no ōkami, it came to be known after this event as Ōtomowake no ōkami.

-Nishioka Kazuhiko

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