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Kusakado Nobutaka
Text (1818-69)
Member of the Shinto priesthood (shinshoku) and scholar of National Learning (kokugaku) of the late Edo period. His common name was Kageyu. Born in the fourth month of 1818 in Hoi District in the province of Mikawa (present-day Aichi Prefecture), Kusakado Nobutaka was the adopted son of Kusakado Nobuteru, priest (shikan) at the shrine Toga Jinja. In 1834 at the age of seventeen he became a disciple of Hirata Atsutane (1776-1843), and along with Hatano Takao (1798-1882) and Takeo Masatane represented the Hirata school in the Mikawa region. From 1841, Kusakado and his father campaigned to reject membership in the parish of intendent Buddhist temple (bettō) Myōgonji (Toyokawa Inari), finally realizing their goal thirteen years later. In this way they represented pioneers in the movement of Shinto priests to reject Buddhist parish membership in the Mikawa area.
Kusakado was appointed head of a Kyoto Imperial Studies (kōgaku) institute called the Kōgakusho in the first year of the Meiji Restoration (1868), but he died of illness on the twenty-first day of the sixth month of the following year, at the age of fifty-two. He was the author of the Saitenryaku (and the addendum Saimonrei) and the Kogen betsuonshō, among other works.

- Mori Mizue

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