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Katō Genchi
Text (1873-1965)
Shinto and religious studies scholar of the Taisho and Showa eras. Born June 17, 1873, in a True Pure Land (Jōdo Shinshū) Buddhist temple in Tokyo. After graduating in philosophy from the Department of Letters at Tokyo Imperial University, he served as professor at an army college before being appointed in 1921 as associate professor of Tokyo Imperial University, lecturing on Shinto.
Katō became a professor at Kokugakuin University in 1931, and during this period he lectured in subjects such as religious studies, Shinto and comparative thought at Taishō University, Komazawa University and Jingū Kōgakkan University, while also finding time to establish the research society Meiji Seitoku Kinen Gakkai in 1912, and serve as director of its associated research institute.
Katō studied Shinto from the perspective of comparative religion, was the author of many works on the subject in English, and contributed to the introduction of Shinto studies abroad. He died May 8, 1965, at the age of ninety-one. His works include Shintō no shūkyō hattatsushiteki kenkyū (Study of the Shinto from the Perspective of the Historical Development of Religion), Honpō seishi no kenkyū (A Study of Shrines Dedicated to Living Persons), Shintō shinkō yōkei joron (Introduction to Important Traditions of Shinto Faith), and in English, A Study of Shinto: the Religion of the Japanese Nation (1926).

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