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Aoto Namie
Text (1857-1929)
Shinto priest (shinshoku) and Instructor of Shinto Liturgy (reiten shihan) in the Meiji and Taisho eras. Born on the eighth day of the tenth month of 1857 in the village of Matsue Watami (present-day Tottori Prefecture) as the fourth son of Aoto Kentei, priest of the shrine Mefu Jinja. Namie pursued studies of Sino-Japanese classics (kōkangaku) at the Matsue domainal academy, studied National Learning (kokugaku) under Ikuchi Morinaga and also attained an instructor's license in Shin Shinkage-style Kendo. He enrolled at the educational institute of the Ise Grand Shrines Administration (Jingū Shichō) in 1877, and three years later was appointed to a position at the Grand Shrine's academy (Jingū Kyōin). In 1882 he began studies in Japanese classics at the University of Tokyo, but soon left and was appointed to the Research Institute for the Japanese Classics (Kōten Kōkyūsho, later to become Kokugakuin University) as a Kendo instructor.
In 1883, Namie was commissioned by the Bureau of Temples and Shrines within the Ministry of Home Affairs to serve on a committee charged with surveying shrine practices and rituals, and in 1886 was appointed to an adjunct office of the secretary of the Home Minister. He returned to the Research Institute for the Japanese Classics in 1889, where he was responsible for administration, research of Shinto liturgical texts (reiten) and teaching. In 1915 he was given an adjunct teaching post at the Imperial Shrine Academy (Jingū Kōgakkan, forerunner of present-day Kōgakkan University) located in Ise. In 1922 he was appointed religious administrator of the shrine Shiba Daijingū (the Grand Shrine of Shiba); that same year he was made Professor at Kokugakuin University and decorated for having served forty years at the same institution. In March 1929 he resigned from his post at the Shiba Daijingū, and he died on December 10 that year at the age of seventy-three. Awarded the Senior Sixth Rank at court.
-Shibata Shin'ichi

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