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カテゴリー1: 5. Rites and Festivals
カテゴリー2: Individual Shrine Observances
Funa-hiki matsuri
Boat-Pulling Festival. A festival held on March 2 at Kanbe Shrine in Kushigata Town, Naka-Koma County, Yamanashi Prefecture. A rite commemorating the invocation (kanjō) and the journey of the shrine's kami Miwa-myōjin, from the Ōmiwa Great Shrine (Ōmiwa Taisha) in Yamato. A boat-shaped float carrying a load of green wood, with a ritual wand (nusa) stuck in the middle, is pulled along the streets. An exchange of questions and answers on the kami's journey is enacted in front of the altar by shrine officials and a performer impersonating Miwa-myōjin. The festival also features an archery ritual.
— Mogi Sakae

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